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Product launch and new product management are vital to every company's survival and growth. Learn how to implement more effective launches and manage new products profitably with the help of Catherine Kitcho, a business author. Combining her experience in project management and knowledge of marketing, Catherine developed a realistic and simplified product launch process that she put into practice and captured in her series of books.

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Catherine's extensive business career spans multiple disciplines: product launch, new business development, strategic alliances, marketing and project management.

She was a marketing and product launch consultant from 1995 - 2013. During that time, Catherine conducted numerous consulting engagements for companies of all sizes and in several technologies, including networking , software, mobile devices, Internet services, CRM, e-commerce, wireless systems, data storage, computers, telecommunications, and semiconductors.

Her books were developed from the experience and knowledge gained in launching more than 150 products and services.
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Ms. Kitcho is the author of three books on launch and product management. In 1999, the First Edition of High Tech Product Launch was published, and it quickly became a widely used reference for launching any type of product or service. This Edition sold out and was later replaced with a Second Edition.

In 2001, her second book was published: From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed. This book focused on proven processes for screening product ideas with an eye on profitability; how to conduct due diligence on new product ideas; and how to choose the right strategies, business models, and partners. Limited copies of this book are still available at

In 2005, High Tech Product Launch-Second Edition was published with updated content, illustrations and examples. The Second Edition truly captures the best practices of product launch. For more details, visit the Books page at the Pele Publications website.