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Product Launch Book Hits Target

New Novel Reveals Humorous SIde of Female Geeks

Readers' Comments: "High Tech Product Launch"

Readers' Comments: "Looking for Mr. Butterfingers"

Readers' Comments: "From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed"


Mountain View, CA, April 22, 2003 - High Tech Product Launch, by Catherine Kitcho, has been a hot-selling business book since 1999 and is in its fourth printing. This hardcover book is a comprehensive marketing and management guide for launching any type of product or service to the market, based on proven techniques of the author. From its first printing, sales have exceeded expectations; the book has sold in more than 16 countries around the world and has been translated into Chinese. Product managers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals have purchased this book, and have found it to be a time-tested, realistic guide that serves a gap in the marketing book category: product launch.

The book is being used as a text for MBA marketing courses by more than six universities around the world. Several companies have adopted the process from the book across their entire organization, including Ericsson, Nortel Networks, and Eloquent.

High Tech Product Launch was targeted for the marketing professional responsible for launching products. The sales and widespread adoption of this book prove that not only did this book hit that target, but has gone on to become a classic marketing book that can be used in any company, for any type of product or service, in any type of market.

The book is available from the Pele Publications website at

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Mountain View, CA, April 12, 1999 - It's not easy being a female geek. You're judged by your brains, never beauty (outer or inner). The stereotype is that you are plain, studious, boring or serious. And if you were a geek 15 or 20 years ago, you were usually the only female in the classroom or in the company - and constantly under scrutiny. Yes, female geeks are usually surrounded by men, but many find that it's a challenge to develop romantic relationships with men because of the stereotype.

"Female geeks are very complex people", says Catherine Kitcho, author of Looking for Mr. Butterfingers, a new novel due for release on April 30th. "We have a lot of interesting sides, and a sense of humor. You have to." Her novel is a romantic comedy about Jackie, a divorced engineer who buries nuclear waste for a living. Frustrated with trying to meet men in singles bars or at work, she tries videodating to meet the man of her dreams. Set in San Francisco in the early 1980s, the story covers Jackie's journey to overcome her negative "geek" self-image, and to find her ultimate mate - Mr. Butterfingers. Through videodating, she encounters many wacky men stuck in the "Me" decade of the 80s, including: Stan, the banker who puts ketchup on sushi; Mark, the bisexual schoolteacher; and Fred, the horny Italian slumlord. In the end, Jackie must also make a painful choice between her career and her newfound mate - just like the real world.

There is definite authenticity in this tale. "I really was a scientist investigating nuclear waste disposal sites, I did work for NASA managing science payloads for the Space Shuttle, and I did meet my husband through videodating," Kitcho says. "I have lived the life of a geek from the time I was in college. And over the years, I have met a lot of other female geeks who have equally interesting stories to tell." Catherine Kitcho believes that woman scientists and engineers have been underrepresented in fiction and film. Her mission is to change that. Looking for Mr. Butterfingers features a female engineer, and so does her screenplay, Parallel Lies, which is a drama set in Silicon Valley. "My goal is to get Hollywood interested in these projects," she says. "The movie Contact was a step in the right direction in featuring a woman scientist. But we need more. Most women I know are tired of the same traditional roles that women play in movies and TV: teachers, artists, lawyers, nurses and secretaries. I think it's also important to demonstrate to young women and girls that science and engineering are desirable professions for women. How better to do that than in books, movies and television?"

You can order a copy of Looking for Mr. Butterfingers from Catherine Kitcho's website at: And, cross your fingers, someday it may be featured in a theater near you!

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Readers' Comments: "High Tech Product Launch"

What a great book! Our firm specializes in launching and re launching technology companies and I am buying several copies to use as tutorials for our new employees. Thanks for writing the first book that I ever found that's dedicated to this subject.
Karen See, Abovo Marketing Group, Atlanta, GA

I finished reading your book on High Tech Product Launch and thought it was great. I really like the fact that you had a section on positioning which is so important and one of the first things we emphasize in planning for a successful launch.
Sabrina Horn, CEO, The Horn Group, San Francisco, CA

I asked a fellow marketing director if she had read "High Tech Product Launch". I told her, "Hey it's a great book, I even took it with me on my vacation to Maui last month". Yep, I sat there on the beach or on the hotel balcony reading that book. And the cover...WOW. Fantastic. I hope to see this book used as a textbook. It holds information that has taken most of us years to gather. Very good. Thank you for providing your peers with a very valuable guide.
R.H., Director of Product Marketing, San Jose, CA

I recently read (and continually reference) your book. With 15 years product engineering experience, this is the first time that I've been exposed, formally, to this side of the product process... I didn't know what I was missing! I think you've done a fabulous service by writing this book. Thanks for a great book.
L.F., Product Engineering Manager, Chicago, IL

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Readers' Comments: "Looking for Mr. Butterfingers"

"It's like an American version of Bridget Jones's Diary, except funnier. Loved the plot twists and all the quirky men."
Lisa, 30-something, Los Angeles

"I've gone out with these guys! I can really identify with Jackie, the main character. Women engineers do need love, too!"
Janice, 42, Silicon Valley

"I started reading page one and couldn't put it down until I had finished the whole thing. Funny, realistic, thoroughly entertaining."
Anne, 79, San Diego

"What a hoot! Easy to relate to this book - for women or for men."
Marie, 30, Atlanta

"The look at videodating was particularly interesting, and it's hilarious to read."
Kelly, 28, San Francisco

"Funny book and a great love story, too! Can't wait for the movie version."
Melanie, 48, Dallas

"I'm a baby boomer guy, and loved it. Took me back to my dating days. Laughed all the way through."
Jack, 47, New York

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Readers' Comments: "From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed"

"From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed is an indispensable reference for anyone who works on new products - from original concept, through the development cycle, and all the way through market launch. This book will help you make the key decisions, formulate effective strategies and business models, and manage the process from end to end. It's the book that no new product guru should be without."
Britta Steele, Chief Marketing Officer, Strategic Commandos

"This book is an important tool for managers involved in all stages of product development. It presents several systematic, almost algorithmic discrete steps that will enable companies to transcend the cloud of confusion almost invariably surrounding initial presentation of novel ideas or products…I recommend a careful reading of this book for decision-makers bringing new ideas to market - including the non-profit, technical and scientific arenas."
Martin Risk, R&D Chemist, Weis Biotech

"In the early stages of a startup, there are only a few people available, but they must understand all of the criteria required and pitfalls to avoid as they begin to organize the company and launch the first product into the marketplace. The company can't afford to miss the open window, but the product must also satisfy the customer's needs and be priced accordingly. From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed provides a complete guideline for the successful launch of a startup company, and allows the founders and management to completely understand the customer needs and requirements, and to put necessary plans into action. This book is great!"
Randall S. Young, Chairman, Board of Directors, Applied Process Technology, Inc.

"Ms. Kitcho has written a winner. Highly readable and filled with the insights, tools, and CD-ROM templates that can be put into immediate use by anyone tasked with identifying, developing and launching profitable new products and services."
Richard Strong, Chief Strategist, Strong and Company

"From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed should be THE desk reference for every marcom and product manager. It is an excellent resource!"
Paula Romeo, Marketing Communications Program Manager, Synopsys

"This book serves as a practical guide to launch a product from the ground up. The pages are filled with tools and examples critical to new product management."
Andrew Luan, Director of Business Development, Metricom

"You did it again, and just in time to help me navigate our way through vital company decisions as we are beginning to experience enormous demand for our new product, such as: Should we partner? Rework our business model? Rethink our budget? You offer excellent, current advice. Thank you! I am going to chain your new book to my palm pilot.
Wendy Verlaine, VP Marketing Communications, Alameda, CA

"This book is a must read for the marketing professional. Defining and delivering the ideal product requires a keen understanding of the market environment and your target customer at every step in the development process. Catherine Kitcho has articulated this remarkably. Often, there is a "build it and they will come" philosophy which leads to rework, missed market opportunities and many times, the death of a company.
Mike D. Merrill, Product Marketing Manager, Alventive, Inc.


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